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Prittinen Hapeton
Sannamari Prittinen

Sannamari Prittinen



+358 50 352 7193



Finland, Spain

Artistic Journey

Sanna-Mari Prittinen is a passionate visual artist from Ostrobothnia who is dedicated to community and organic art. Her journey in the world of art began ten years ago when she worked on large paintings with nearly a hundred children. From there, her art transformed into something boundless and light, where social interaction and environmental consciousness are central themes.

Inspiration and techniques

At present, Prittinen works not only in Ostrobothnia but also in Andalusia, Spain, drawing inspiration from Europe's scorched forests and water scarcity. Concern for the environment and climate change is reflected in her work, with new techniques including organic charcoal, fire, and wood carving. Prittinen favors ink as a material, and her art combines painting, drawing, and sculpture into a cohesive whole.

MeWeArt and community spirit

Prittinen refers to her community art as MeWeArt, which has successfully engaged thousands of people in a collective dialogue since 2014. Her artworks often emerge spontaneously and playfully, without a clear objective, aiming simply to live in the moment together.

Social contribution

Prittinen works with children, youth, and adults, and her artworks often depict the world from a child's perspective. She is also active in charity work and allocates a portion of her sold pieces to organizing free community art workshops.

Explore Prittinen's art in more detail and join the atmosphere of shared creativity! You can find more information about her works, exhibitions, and workshops on these pages.


2014 - 2018




2014-2018 Emotional therapy studies, Kairo Institute Helsinki

University of Lapland, special studies in visual arts, visual artist

University of Lapland, visual arts education, Master of Arts

Art study trip to Mexico

Bellas Artes, Fine Arts Studies, University of Granada, Spain

Student, Ylivieska High School

Private exhibitions






Corazón - Ydinpuu, Valvegalleria Oulu, FIN

Loppu ja alku. Ars Libera, Kuopio, FIN

Corazón - Ydinpuu, Teijon Masuuni, Teijo FIN

Tulen ja tuulen tarinat, Kalajoen kulttuuritalo, Kalajoki FIN

Paperilla, Kulttuurikeskus Akustiikka, Ylivieska FIN

After Paradise, ART TILA, Oulu, FIN

Children Decide, Kulttuurikeskus Akustiikka, Ylivieska FIN

Soul Play, Gallery 5, Oulu artists' society gallery, Oulu, FIN




2017- 2018



Abstractions, Gallery Kookos, invitation exhibition, Helsinki, FIN

Encounters, Galleria Kajaste, invitation exhibition, Helsinki, FIN

Suomi 100 - Meiltäpäin, Galleria Artista, Kutsunäyttely, Kokkola, FIN

Mindscapes, Galleria Kajaste, Uusikatu, Oulu, FIN

SPACE Kuu, Galleria Sora, Kutsunäyttely, Tottori, JAPAN

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