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Personal Project

Ink Diaries

Ink Diaries offer you a moment of pause in the embrace of nature. We meet on the beach, where all the necessary tools await you. Just bring yourself, as you are in that moment. You are free to express, write, and paint what matters most to you right now. Create a diary page that truly reflects today—nothing can go wrong.

The painting of Ink Diaries began in 2014 as a counterbalance to community art projects. The private painting process, where diary pages evolved into large ink paintings, remained a quiet, personal journey for several years until wisdom researcher Jenni Spännäri joined on the beach. The most important parts of the day were shared through painting, both together and alone. As the joy of sharing enhanced the experience, we now invite you too to join us on the beach! Let’s capture the day’s moods on paper and revel in the spectrum of ink colors!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ink Diaries also evolved into virtual workshops. We still meet online occasionally, but you can choose your own "beach" from your couch or nearby nature if possible. You can explore and join our group on Facebook.

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