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  • INK JOURNALS - Growing Wiser Through Art

    Ink Journals offer you a moment of pause in the embrace of nature. We meet on the shore, where all the tools you need are ready for you. Just bring yourself, as you are in that moment. You can speak, write, and paint what is most important right now. You will create exactly the kind of journal page today that calls for, exactly today. Nothing can go wrong. The process of Ink Journals began as a counterbalance to community art work in 2014. The private painting process, where the pages of the journal grew into large ink paintings, was my private and quiet process for several years, until wisdom researcher Jenni Spännäri joined me on the shore. The most important moments of the day were shared by painting together and alone together. Since the joy of sharing expanded our own experience, we wanted to invite more people to the shore! 'Let's capture the day's moods on paper and enjoy the colorful spectrum of ink! But not everything went as planned. This is usually how life goes. The pandemic began, and within two weeks, we were confined to our homes. However, for some reason, the need to paint grew, and communication intensified. We gained many friends who wanted to share their thoughts. Sometimes we reflected on the day's feelings with images, sometimes with words, and occasionally through recordings. This gave birth to the Ink Journals in the form that serves anyone, anytime. A place where everyone brings their own mental landscape and has the permission to grow wiser together. A shared space without coordinates. We were surprised at how Facebook could help us connect. Fortunately, this is still possible even though the pandemic is behind us! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ink Journals also developed into virtual workshops. We still meet online from time to time, but you can choose your own shore from your couch or, if possible, from your local nature. You can explore and join our group on Facebook. This coming summer of 2024, it will also be possible to experience Ink Journals live, almost every Sunday. Really, in person! Here are the workshops. Sign up if you're joining. All tasks and insights will also be shared in the Ink Journals Facebook group. The theme for the upcoming summer is 'Weather Journals.' People have traditionally recorded October frosts and the first warm days of April. We live in a time where we can no longer predict and assume as well as before. By painting and writing weather journals, we contemplate how weather and climate change affect our mood and how our mood influences our experience of the weather. We delve into the anatomy of the wind and ground ourselves in the sand dunes shaped by the sea. The workshops have art therapeutic features, and we also use walking as a technique to concretize our own feelings. The workshops have a limited number of participants and are primarily aimed at young people and adults. No previous experience in making art is necessary.

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